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AMAROB Technologies is an emerging high-tech company. Spinoff from the FEMTO-ST Institute of the CNRS, Amarob valorises the knowledge and technologies developed over the past ten years by the CNRS. Amarob technologies has three branches: Medical, IT-Services et Microfabrication.


Sergio Lescano is co-founder and CEO of Amarob Technologies. Before specializing in entrepreneurship at HEC-Paris (Challenge+ program), he realized his PhD thesis at Univ. Franche - Comté as part of the European FP7 project μRALP, where he worked on the design, fabrication and control of the microrobot placed in the laryngoscope distal-end, destined to guide a laser beam onto the vocal fold. He is co-inventor of three patents (2 on the microrobot, 1 on a haptic stylus). He has participated to several collaborative projects (FP7 μRALP, ANR GreenShield, BPI FrenchTech).

Tristan Davaille is co-founder and CFO of Amarob Technologies. Tristan has been an entrepreneur for 10 years. After a financial training at Neoma Business School and a bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Paris XII, he joined as Director of Management Control. In 2010 he co-founded the Company MyScienceWork, an open source solution for archiving and analyzing scientific data and will ensure its development in France, Luxembourg and San Francisco where a subsidiary was opened in 2014. He joined in 2019 the Amarob project.

Nicolas Andreff is co-founder and associate scientist of Amarob Technologies. Nicolas is scientis at FEMTO-ST Institute, he has received the prestigious Grand Prix Scientifique 2018 from Fondaction Defforey-Institut de France. His research is focused on microrobot-assisted intracorporeal surgical procedures. He was leader or co-leader of several scientific projects (e.g. ANR JCJC VIRAGO, FP7 µRALP, INSERM ROBOT) and participated to many other. He is the founder and coordinator of the topic group on Miniaturised Robotics at euRobotics AISBL. He is the (co-)author of 1 book, ~40 scientific articles, ~100 international conference papers, 3 international patents. He has worked closely with Sergio Lescano since the FP7 µRALP project and is the scientific advisor ("Concours Scientifique") for Amarob.


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